How to Overcome Writer’s Block Caused by Grief

“Writer’s block caused by grief happens when the heart hurts too much to tell the head what to pen.” ~Ministerneecy~

My goodness, the last few years have been so difficult. No matter how hard I tried to write, and post regularly, writer’s block wouldn’t let me. Perhaps not knowing “how to overcome writer’s block caused by grief,” contributed to the longevity of my dry spell.

First let me say, “thank God for freeing my soul.” Everybody won’t understand what I’m trying so desperately to explain, but people like me will. People like me have encountered more cases of grief than normal, plus they write.

Bereaved writer’s often experience unexpected onsets of deep-seated grief that all but blocks the ability to write rich content. At the age of 61 plus 11.5 months, “the Lord has already called my mom, dad, my only 2 sisters, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and a host of other loved ones Home!” Surely I should be able to write about that, but I can’t, certainly not for ever.

As it may be, the reason writing became such a chore was because sorrow numbs creative senses. When this occurs you can expect “writer’s block.” There were many days when I couldn’t bring myself to even log on to my computer, which is not like me.

What happened with me was strange, I would get myself set-up to write, but couldn’t find enough words to type, write or record. Fortunately, the storm s over. I can write again.

After almost two years of wondering why content in my heart and head refused to make amends, so I could write again, today the reason is apparent. It was grief, plain yet complex grief!

In error, I believed that because life kept happening, while people kept dying, possessing and delivering fresh relevant content would be a cinch. I was wrong.


I took it for granted when I assumed that merely having access to fresh content is the same thing as having an ability to compile and effectively deliver the same. Not!

To my surprise, the well of content in my memory struggled to dispense once in my head. Hence, the mind refused to pen words inspired by the heart.

Basically, grief blocked my ability to express myself on paper.

For the sake of time tonight, I’ll just say that my heart and head are in sync once again.

I missed you guys more than you will ever know, but I’m back!



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